A COVID-19 weight gain will cause you money stress and more… In this article, ZOE SLATER, Emotional & Mental Counsellor and Mindset Coach, and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy shares how your physical health will either contribute to money stress or money success.

A COVID-19 weight gain could have an expensive toll on your body.

Are You?

  • Walking pass the fridge all day and find yourself looking in it, even if you’re not hungry.
  • Leaving the pantry door open for easy access.
  • Feeding the kids all day so you are having additional snacks with the kids.
  • Walking from the bed to the lounge.
  • Sitting all day and slouching your posture.
  • Eating because your bored.
  • Finding that food taste boring but you’re eating it anyway.
  • In a sugar or carb cycle.

The negative results:

  • You will gain weight.
  • Your muscles will weaken.
  • Your skeletal structure will be compromised.
  • Your entire respiratory will be compromised.
  • Acne break outs or dull looking skin.

The cost:

  • Your food bill will go up $$$.
  • Your wardrobe will need an up-size $$$.
  • You will need regular chiropractor or osteopath adjustments $$$.
  • You may eat your way to Diabetes, Cholesterol and so on and need medication $$$.
  • Your insurance will increase $$$.

I can go on I hope you get the gist of this conversation. I know if it were a pet, you would not over feed it, because that’s unkind.

COVID-19  Gaining physical health, is money success and more…

Are you finding that you have?

  • More time to prepare healthy meals.
  • Time to get fit.
  • Not buying fat saturated lunches saved their waistline.
  • Not drinking as much alcohol each week.
  • Not eating as many social snacks each week.
  • Cycling pantry food and less wastage.

The positive results:

  • Cabin fever is causing them to walk around the block.
  • Cabin fever has made the stairs more attractive and utilised.
  • Cabin fever has made the house items turn into weight baring equipment.
  • Cabin fever has increased the variety of exercise apps.

The savings:

  • Not eating out as often has saved them money $$$.
  • Staying at home has stopped them from over shopping $$$.
  • Spending less money on alcohol $$$.
  • Their private insurance will cost less $$$.

The simple health choices above will make a difference to your life right now, like…

  • Better Sleep
  • Clearer, faster, solution thinking mind
  • Physical strength and flexibility
  • Revitalise your attractiveness and libido
  • Are happier and laugh more easily and more often and much, much more.

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Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. Zoe is an Associate Member with the QCA Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

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Corona Virus Will Your COVID-19 Physical Health Cause You Money Stress or Money Success?