This month ZOE SLATER, Counsellor and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy invites you to start planning and working towards achieving your goals and dreams in 2020.      

2020 will be whatever you focus on

Decide now, on your goals and what your 2020 Christmas story will sound and look like.

Will it be a pity story full of excuses or an empowered story with Money Success?

I am guessing you decided on an empowered story because you’re still reading, and that aligns with my desire to shift your Money Stress to Money Success.

Are you ready for a big year ahead and potentially a decade?

Let’s get started.

Money Success is a topic that sits inside my Success Model under Financial Success.

There are three major considerations, Return on Investment (ROI), Fun & Responsibilities which I will unpack throughout the year with a little insight today.

Let’s start by defining and deciding on your 2020 goals and by honestly unpacking the financial outcomes you had last year.

Review and list your ‘financial wins and losses.’

Observe what you did or didn’t do. What made the critical difference?

  • Maybe you were diligent and financial wins kept building.
  • Maybe you were slack and didn’t follow through, resulting in an unwanted outcome.
  • How can you improve on your financial wins?
  • Write what you learnt from your financial losses

Now for a reality analogy…

Why is your favourite salad dish your favourite salad dish?

Because you love the result, right? It tastes good, everyone loves it, you feel proud of yourself, and now you have the party reputation of making the best salad. Friends are wanting your recipe for salad success. The question is, how did you get to salad success? You wanted a nice salad, found the right recipe and kept tweaking and improving the recipe until it was fabulous. You didn’t give up. You stayed focused on the outcome.

The salad commitment you made, is what’s needed for Money Success.

At a very simple level, the salad analogy achieved the three major considerations…ROI, Fun & Responsibilities.

What are your Money Success goals for 2020? Have you…

  • Listed your goals and actions
  • How soon you will you start the actions to achieve your goals
  • Recite your Xmas story out aloud until it feels fantastic, you may discover what else is needed. Be excited and proud of the achievements as though they have already happened. Get emotionally and visually connected to your Money Success dreams regularly throughout 2020. Promise me, you will let me know the outcomes.

Have you realised what’s important?

  • YOU decide what 2020 will be…
  • Focus on the empowered story not the pity story
  • Get emotionally and visually connected to the joy of having Money Success

MAKE A PACT TO ACT – and I assure you, your life will start heading in the right direction.

Keep those questions coming. For help please send me an email, call me on M: 0414 778 476 or visit me on Facebook @freedomchoiceacademy.

Zoe is the director of Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. An Associate Member with the ACA and QCA. Zoe has been working with professionals for over 20 years using her unique processes to transform their lives from stress and depression to success. She is an experienced Facilitator and Master Coach and has been running personal development workshops and retreats since 1999. To learn more about her Transformation Counselling and Coaching Programs CLICK HERE.

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