About Rachelle Nola

Every brokers best friend, I am responsible for assisting Home Loan Connexion brokers with the timely and efficient processing of their client’s loans. Yes! I am the wonder woman behind the scenes making sure every loan stays on track – from the very beginning right through to the successful settlement.

My days are hectic, fast-paced and at times totally stressful (thank goodness for chocolate) however, everyday brings new challenges and a roller coaster ride of excitement. And let’s face it, not much beats the buzz of phoning a client to relay those much anticipated words “your loan is approved”.

The finance industry is something I fell into, but at the same time I also fell in love with it.

I originally learnt the ropes working with Aussie Home loans as a Receptionist and Loan Processor where I remained for 4 years. In this role I acquired the skills of ensuring the loan application process ran smoothly and the importance of making sure that clients, banks, lenders and conveyancers all remained fully informed of an applications status throughout the entire process.

A naturally inquisitive person, I believe there’s no such thing as a  ‘dumb’ question. In fact, I find that I am continually learning new things by investigating the questions posed by clients.

I am beyond excited to be part of the team at Home Loan Connexion’s head office and I look forward to adding my knowledge and skills to the mix.

I get a thrill out of making client’s financial dreams come to fruition and I look forward to assisting you.

Rachelle Nola