It’s the great Australian dream, buying your own home, but as a first home buyer it can be a daunting experience. Often with very limited or no experience in the property market at all, first home buyers have a million questions going on in their head.

One of the most pressing issues for them is locating the right person who is willing and able to provide the support and guidance they need to progress forward when making their first purchase.

It’s a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. The process of buying your first home is so much easier, smoother and quicker when being supported by a mentor, someone who understands and knows the system.

Aside from the massive challenge of finding a dream home priced within their financial means, there are common questions that keep most first home buyers awake at night including:

  • Do I apply for a loan first before looking for my first home?
  • Can I get a bank to agree to lend me money before I find the house I want to buy?
  • How do I know if I am eligible for the First Home Owners Grant?
  • How does the First Home Owners Grant work and are there any other benefits?
  • Who helps me with the First Home Owners Grant application?
  • How much money do I have to save as a deposit for my first home?
  • Can my family lend me money to put towards my deposit?
  • Do I earn enough from my job to get a loan from the bank to buy my first home?
  • What would the monthly repayments be on my loan and can I afford them?
  • What are other costs when purchasing a property other than the loan?
  • Will owning a home be cheaper than renting or will I be worse off?

The good news for First Home Owners is that help is at hand…

By booking an appointment for a FREE one-on-one session with a Home Loan Connexion ‘First Home Buyer Mentor’, all the questions above and more will be answered.

Your Home Loan Connexion ‘First Home Buyer Mentor’ will take you under their wing, boost your confidence as a new buyer and provide answers to the worrying questions that might be holding you back from taking the leap and purchasing your first property.

With a ‘First Home Buyer Mentor’ you gain access to knowledge, expertise and support. They help you to fully understand the options available to you right now for purchasing your first property. They’ll work through everything with you and based on your current financial situation, they will design a plan on the best way to move forward.

Whether you’re buying your first home to live in or rent, a Home Loan Connexion ‘First Home Buyer Mentor’ will fully explain what is involved in the buying process, help you with applying for your First Home Owner Grant and best of all, from a panel of 40+ banks and lenders at their disposal, they will hunt down the best loan for you.

To book a FREE session with a Home Loan Connexion ‘First Home Buyer Mentor’ simply call and make an appointment during business hours on 1300 888 299. After business hours you can always send us an email and we’ll contact you the next morning to set up a suitable time.

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