Rachael ScottI’m guessing you haven’t read too many stories entitled Bodybuilding and Business. I could have called it Things I learned running a successful business, and how they help me in novice bodybuilding. Either way, this post blends together two things I’m passionate about – small business and exercising. I hope the tips I’ve learned help you:

Goal setting and planning

We hear this all the time, but how many of us have our goals clear in our minds and written down?

Goal-setting tips:

  • Make goals realistic and have a plan to achieve them.
  • Write goals down.
  • Have a vision of how achieving your goals will look and feel.
  • Celebrate your milestones and achievements.

Time management and organisation

How many times a day do you say, or hear, “I’m sooooo  busy”?  Yep, we all are!  So managing your time should be a priority, right?

Tips for managing time:

  • Use a day planner calendar – super simple, but super effective.
  • Set appointments, with reminders. Even if it’s a simple task, put it on the calendar.
  • Other people’s time is just as valuable as yours – always turn up on time.
  • Know your hourly rate, and understand how valuable your time is.  This link can help you calculate your hourly rate http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/finance/pricing-strategy/how-to-work-out-your-hourly-rate
  • Consider paying for services, where you can, such as dog walking, ironing, home cleaning, etc., that will cost you less than your own hourly rate.

Find your tribe

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals, or who support yours wholeheartedly.

How to find your tribe:

  • Be your own biggest fan. YOU need to believe in you before you can ask anyone else to.
  • Social media can be a wonderful thing. Use Facebook pages, web blogs or forums or even Instagram to find ‘people like you’, who can inspire, motivate and mentor you.
  • Be generous with your own experience in return, share your lessons and knowledge, participate.
  • Ask for help. None of us knows it all, and few of us can do it all alone – ask for support from your tribe when you need it.

You will have setbacks

Things go wrong, and we all make mistakes. While stressful, these are very rarely life altering.  It’s all about how you deal with them.

Tips for handling setbacks and mistakes:

  • Learn the lesson. With every setback or mistake, there will be a lesson. Find it and learn it. You’re less likely to make the same mistake or suffer the same set back twice.
  • What’s the solution? Who can help you? What needs to be done to ‘fix it’?  Do that.
  • Identify the real problem and root cause.
  • Keep calm

Balance and Breathe

Any major goal achievement, whether business or personal, is going to take dedication, energy, and time.

How to stay balanced:

  • No matter how important your goals, don’t lose sight of the people you value in your life. Find time for them.
  • Find time in your week for fun and relaxation.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break – a day off or a holiday can do wonders for your motivation. Recharge your batteries.


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