In her article this month we’ve asked credit repair specialist, VICTORIA COSTER, the CEO of Credit FIX Solutions and Credit FIX Lawyers to share the 5 simple credit repair tricks that will help to pump your credit score instantly.

Most of us face hard luck in difficult times of our lives.

Those hardships are reflected directly by our credit score when our finances have been affected.

Whenever we face any physical illness, we visit the doctor to help get our health recovered.

It’s just the same if you have a low credit score. You need to seek immediate help to ensure it can be repaired and recovered as soon as possible.

Here’s ‘5 Credit Repair Tricks’ that will help to revive your credit score instantly.

  1. Work upon disputed payment history

Look at the outstanding payments that have overloaded the debt you owe. Try to clear these out as soon as possible so that you don’t have any further negative repayment history information, which will help boost your credit score.

  1. Card utilisation ratio strategy

Every credit card holder must be aware of this formula of card utilisation ratio strategy.

This can help you to boost your credit score instantly.

This ratio gives the clear idea of your credit balance and your rate of utilisation. If your utilisation is more that means you are going to face a heavy load of debt.

And if your balance is more then it means your ratio is good.

  1. Payment of balance wisely

Payment methodology is the treatment that is used to improve your low credit score much faster.

Pay your debt before the closing of accounts every month. An even better way is to pay a few days before your due date, to protect your credit score.

Our repayment history information for our debts is now being recorded for the last 24 months.

By paying your repayments on time, your credit score will improve.

  1. Don’t enquiry online or apply for pay day loans

Pay Day Lender enquiries, and other online enquiries for credit cards and personal loans can negatively impact your credit score.

If you don’t apply for these loans, your score will benefit from this.

Make sure you speak to your HLC Finance Broker before applying for finance.

  1. Search a ‘No Result No Fee’ credit repair company

If you want to clear all your disputed payment history, moreover you want to raise your credit score, then get help from a reputable ‘No Result No Fee’ credit repair company.

Don’t use credit repair companies that charge fees upfront.

Credit Repair is never guaranteed; therefore, you should only use a credit repair company that charges upon success.

Credit Fix Solutions has a strict ‘No Result No Fee’ policy.

Should you have any questions on credit reports, Credit Fix Solutions can be contacted on 1300 43 65 69. Or send Victoria and email if you need her assistance with removing bad marks and improving your credit score.

General Advice Warning: This blog is not designed to replace professional advice. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the appropriateness of the advice, in light of your own objectives, financial situation or needs before making any decision as to what is appropriate for you.

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