Home Loan Connexion is taking on a leadership role and ensuring that new to industry Mortgage and Finance Brokers don’t fail and are provided with the best chance of surviving the early years, becoming sustainable enterprises well into the future.

In a bid to help, guide and support new brokers with the “real-world” issues of running a business – Home Loan Connexion has rolled out a Finance and Mortgage Broker Mentoring Program nationally.

Developed by Home Loan Connexion’s national business coach, Jason Bridgett, the Finance and Mortgage Broker Mentoring Program is easily accessible and available to all brokers across the nation who have less than two years’ industry experience.

Jason Bridgett is an industry veteran. He has over 30 years experience and has run his own financial planning and broking businesses, so he knows first hand the challenges brokers face. He has workplace training and assessment qualifications, understands adult learning principles, and has previously written Cert IV and Diploma modules.

Over the years Jason has trained hundreds of individuals and has a well developed knowledge of what brokers require to have a best-practice business and the skills required to attract and engage with clients.

About The Mentoring Program

  • The mentoring course has 10 core subjects that require completion, which are supplemented by support, guidance and online group discussions.
  • The mentoring program will help brokers develop a business plan; make the most of their aggregator software; understand who their potential sources for leads are; create a marketing plan; establish a fact-finding tool; and manage finances, risk and compliance, among other areas.
  • Brokers will receive a written workbook and exercises to complete to demonstrate that they are competent.
  • Brokers will also participate in classroom work throughout the modules, both online and offline – because working within groups opens brokers up to better conversations opposed to one-on-one.

One of the greatest challenges for new brokers is the currency of knowledge and the skills required to run a sustainable business. The Home Loan Connexion Mortgage and Finance Broker Mentoring Program is not a rehash of Cert IV or a Diploma, it covers real-world business basics, including client attraction and engagement as research indicates this is where the gaps currently exist for new to business brokers.

Mentees are not required to be brokers with Home Loan Connexion – the program is open to all brokers nationally with less than 2 years industry experience.

All brokers interested in discussing or participating in Home Loan Connexion’s Mortgage and Finance Broker Mentoring Program can call 1300 888 299. 

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Mentoring For Brokers Mentoring Program Helps Brokers Build Businesses