Our property expert  and director of Advocate Property Services JO VADILLO is conducting a ‘must do’ conference and property tour . The conference has been designed for anyone interested in investigating the opportunities available by investing in Brisbane real estate. Below Jo talks about the conference, outlines what’ you will learn and the value to be gained by joining this unique tour.

When researching property you can do a lot in your pyjamas. With just a phone and an internet connection you could be on the path to success. But the next step up from the desktop, one giant leap of faith in a location and you can be boarding a flight for a 30-hour all-inclusive package to truly do your due diligence on a location.

I am talking about the EXPERIENCE BRISBANE 2019 Conference and Property Tour running on August 17 and 18, 2019.

Day 1

A guided tour of emerging estates and locations in and around Brisbane City Council. We have on the bus, at your disposal, property strategists, a developer, interior designer and property buyer who can answer all your questions related to the Brisbane market.

  • How to get into the market
  • What tenants are looking for
  • Why the growth in Brisbane
  • What are councils doing to accommodate the population
  • Best buys to maximise growth and tax depreciation
  • Where are the jobs growth?
  • How to create wealth in a location with clear growth projection, now!

We will be travelling in style in an air-conditioned coach doing 2 pick-ups in the morning from the airport and the city for attendees.

The evening will have us arrive at the Intercontinental Resort at Sanctuary Cove, our home for the night and Sunday’s half-day conference.

Included for the evening is an exclusive cocktail event at the Gatsby, a private residents which we can explore and discuss the construction and design with those involved.

Day 2

Sunday offers a half-day conference with a line-up of presenters including Tracy Kearey the Director of Home Loan Connexion who will be discussing how to finance the deal, how construction loans work and how you can fund sub-divisions as well as
a general overview of the lending market.

Take a look here to have your questions answered! 

Whether you are new to the property space, a seasoned investor or just exploring unchartered investing territory.

This is your time to view emerging hot spots, new estates, dual-key homes PLUS enjoy an exquisite cocktail party and networking, half-day conference on Sunday, meals and accommodation included with an early bird price!

You would be crazy to let this one slip through your fingers if investing is on your radar!


To secure your early-bird ticket to this 2-day conference. Click here…

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