City housing affordability and the rise of the “Mega Commuter” has seen the launch of Australia’s first Monday to Friday property listing site catering to professional lodgers who want to rent in the city during the week and go home on weekends. 

A popular concept in London for over a decade WeekDay Space founders Rani Cohen and Jessica Lai are tapping into the needs of home owners who work in the city, but due to increased property prices are being pushed out to buy homes in regional areas.

The growing traffic congestion in cities across Australia, time wasted on travel and the stress of long commutes presents a ‘perfect storm’ for reinventing traditional flat sharing from 7 days a week to 5.

Rani and Jessica’s WeekDay Space platform is Australia’s first Monday to Friday property listing site connecting professional weekday lodgers who need space with landlords who have a spare room or car space.

A recent report* into Sydney housing affordability concluded typical households face the choice between buying a house and living a considerable distance from the city or living in a one-bedroom apartment.

With the cost of living so high, we have seen the rise of the mega commuter – people who have jobs in the city but commute long distances to live elsewhere.

Monday to Friday lodging in cities allows people to live near work during the week and head home to a more affordable or desirable environment on the weekend.

For lodgers it’s like having the best of both world – a second home in the city without the price tag.

According to recent study** 1 in 5 adults in Australia earn extra income via the Share Economy and having a Monday to Friday boarder comes with many benefits.

“Monday to Friday landlords gain a stream of weekly income, a professional lodger who has no need for a van load of possessions and the great bonus of weekends to themselves,” Ms Lai said.

The new website allows private landlords to list spare rooms or car spaces and offers lodgers the opportunity to be matched with appropriate spaces that meet their requirements.

On trend and using the Sharing Economy model, WeekDay Space aims to help assist people to escape long commutes whilst creating extra income for landlords.

Got a spare bedroom, but not fussed on having someone living in your home on a full time basis? A mid week renter could be for you. Not to mentioned the extra income could help with cash flow or be used to pay down your mortgage faster.

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*Source: The Affordable Housing Income Gap Report – Compass Housing
**Source: survey of 2,010 Australians

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