This month ZOE SLATER, Counsellor and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy shares some tips on how to ‘Not let your budget kill your social life’

Are you …. hating your budget because all of your income is stretched and it’s killing your social life? You hate the feeling of being controlled but have succumbed to budget obedience. You rob one budget to socialise then you feel guilty. Worried you’re becoming boring Bob or practical Patricia.


Are you a budget whizz? Your budget is doing so well that you’ve created other budgets and goals. You love that you’re in control of your life. You’re on a budget high and have forgotten about your social life. Your balance sheet looks amazing and your savings prowess is pumped. You’re ahead of schedule and illuminating confidence. You feel like you are mastering your life. This control gives you a sneak peak of what financial freedom really looks and feels like. Congratulations!

How to tell if your budget is killing your social life…

When the savings high subsides…do you find yourself alone, the silence and absence of good friendships. No one wants to be alone. Being alone is an increasing mental illness. Money creates a certain level of freedom and can pay for drinks. But money cannot buy friendships.

When your friends stopped inviting you out…

When the phone’s stops ringing, there’s no messages to catch up. Your mind questions are they out of town? Are they okay or have they stopped inviting you to their social gatherings?

You start scrolling social media desperate to see what’s going on. There they are, your friends are out and about having fun together. Posting photos of themselves laughing and having a blast without you. What… that’s your crew, who’s that new person…have they replaced you…are you no longer part of that inner circle?

Has your budget really killed your social life?.

Are you feeling anxious to re-connect with your social world?

STOP don’t behave desperately, ask yourself these honest questions first.

It’s important to understand your money wins so that you don’t sabotage or compromise what you have gained and learnt about you and your money successes.

Perhaps the truth… is in the way you socialise that’s really killing your social budget.

Here’s some questions around when you first started to save:

  1. What was the reason, the burning desire, that caused you to save?
  2. How quickly did you reap the savings rewards and how happy were you?
  3. How long did it take for the saving ritual to be easier and how proud of yourself are you?
  4. What did you gain emotionally and materially from the money and savings experience?
  5. What other money thoughts need coaching to have more money success?
  6. What money savings rituals do you have now that you won’t compromise on?
  7. What have you learnt about yourself and money success?

But before you reach out to your social world

Let’s do a quick social circle reality check to create awareness and new social terms:

  • Evaluate friendships and social circles because some social circles are takers and don’t elevate your heart or your wallet.
  • Access the positive things against the negative drama things you missed socially; conversationally, dance, drinking, dressing up, different places, different experiences, the laughs, the abuse, the hangovers that can last for days affecting your ability to earn money and your career.
  • Who do you miss, who you didn’t miss and maybe who didn’t miss you, who was needy, who doesn’t need you as often?
  • Some social circles might need to stay closed, whilst others might simply need the hedonistic you to socialise differently with more wisdom.
  • Maybe have a curfew or a spending limit. Remain in control and don’t blame your friends for your social or financial choices and or debts.

It’s possible to have a social life and stick to a budget…

  • Remember your savings journey has been worth it, because your worth it.
  • You feel more mature now and in control of your financial life and freedom.

Have you realised what’s important?

  • Have you made a plan how to socialise and discovered your money success social terms?
  • Are you clearer what socialising experiences your looking for?
  • Are you ready to create that same budget buzz high for socialising?
  • Have you designed a schedule of the regularity, the variety and the expense?

The key points are;

  1. Socialising is necessary and better with a Money Success Mindset.
  2. Take responsibility for your own social choices, social terms and freedoms.
  3. Financial freedoms are gained by budgeting successes.

Deeper insights for you to think about and consider.

  1. Friends elevate your heart and your wallet.
  2. Have key phrases to keep your money success flowing, like I’m Money Successful or I’m on a Budget Buzz.
  3. Don’t blame your friends for your money debts

MAKE A PACT TO ACT – Practice the art of having money success and I assure you, your life will start heading in the right direction.

Keep those comments and questions coming…

If you have any questions or need help or guidance please send me an email, give me a call on M: 0414 778 476  or  Register here now for 3 Critical Reasons…. Why You Wake Up Exhausted Every Day, You’re Losing Money In Your Business Every Month, and You’re Worried About Your Marriage Surviving The Year. or visit me on Facebook @freedomchoiceacademy.

Zoe is the director of Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. She studied at The Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney Campus and completed her Diploma of Counselling and Communication at the Brisbane Campus. Zoe is an Associate Member with the Queensland Counsellors Association Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

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