Let’s be realistic, for so many Australian’s right now a lack of money is creating incredibility stress. But, what none of us can forget is that without good mental health, money is completely irrelevant. In this article, ZOE SLATER, Counsellor and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy looks into why to work effectively from home, be hired or run a business it’s of utmost importance to look after your own mental health.

Just the threat of COVID-19 is stressing out many people, potentially compromising their mental health.

So right now, how is your emotional and mental health functioning?

I help my clients create their own Success Code. This code work is very in depth and sustainable through challenging times, including COVID-19.

You can’t avoid COVID-19, but you can take control of the manner in which you handle your mental and emotional health.

Knowing your Codes makes a fundamental difference to weather you adapt, survive, thrive and prosper or… struggle and only survive, catastrophising the potential disaster.

COVID-19 Stress exposes your default code that you live by mentally and emotionally.

Are you mentally and emotionally equipped to progress through stressful times and adapt to make the most of these challenging times?

Because you need to be!

During these challenging times you may feel out of control, frightened, reactive, worried confused, in shock and more.

I want you to know, on one level this is normal but you must focus.

Here’s one powerful and simple tip that could make a difference to your life right now.

It’s important to give your stress a rest by allowing your breath to find it’s natural rhythm. So I want you to sit quietly and close your eyes to reduce the stimulus. You will need to do this for 2 or 6 minutes.

Now that you are feeling calmer and more peaceful…I want you to consider the following two codes. What they mean and which one you operate under when stressed.

  • Honour – to behave honourably with Integrity – Respect – Dignity for yourself and others.
  • Dishonour – to behave dishonourably – Disgracefully – Unscrupulous – Dishonest and Shameful.

Acting dishonourably privately or publicly matters, if this is you apologise and make amends quickly.

Lastly, I want to remind you what’s wonderful and particularly unique about YOU, is that you have power over your mind.

The state of your mental and emotional mindset will influence how your Codes function, optimally or deficiently.

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Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. Zoe is an Associate Member with the QCA Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

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Corona Virus Has COVID-19 Compromised Your Mental Health?