Tracy Kearey one of our Managing Directors from Home Loan Connexion, believes that if we have the financial means or time we should use our lives to make a difference. Giving our time is one of the greatest contributions we can make and her 2016 year was packed with service to the community and social enterprise sector.

A passionate advocate of financial literacy Tracy spends much of her voluntary time teaching and educating the younger generation about money management issues and the importance finance plays in developing a secure future.

Each year Tracy is actively involved in ‘Global Money Week’ a national and international initiative in which she takes a leadership role in presenting seminars at high schools aimed at educating students about the world of finance. In 2016 Tracy’s presentations were attended by over 500 students.

TK recently spoke at Canterbury College as part of Global Money Week, focusing on educating kids about all things money. Thanks to one of the students for the lovely email we received following the presentation!

“Dear Mrs Carlson and Ms Newell,

I just want to thank you for the business incursion today. I really learnt a lot and I found the speaker really engaging and enjoyable. It also really inspired me to start getting a regular income, a savings plan and to start thinking of the future.”

If you’re involved in the education system, we’d love to chat with you about how we can assist your kids with financial literacy!


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