In recent times there have been so many changes when it comes to borrowing money from banks and lenders that is hard to keep up. More and more borrowers are being rejected by their bank when applying for a loan. In droves they are now turning to professional Mortgage Brokers to help them navigate their way to a successful home loan application.

Mortgage Brokers now write the lion share of loan applications in Australia. Why? Over recent years the public have gained a greater understanding of a brokers ability to hand pick banks and lenders based on what suits a borrowers specific financial situation.

It’s no secret that a loan has become more difficult to obtain as the banks become more risk adverse and the living expenses of borrowers are under more scrutiny. Yes, your Uber Eats, daily spend on coffee and AfterPay habits etc. are all exposed and under the microscope when applying for a loan.

The director of Home Loan Connexion, Tracy Keary was recently interviewed in a webinar on this very topic by Jo Vadillo from Property Women.

In the webinar Tracy discussed the many changes that have taken place for borrowers when applying for a loan, the impact this has had on the amount they can borrow and the steps they now need to take to maximise their borrowing capacity.

Tracy has been in the lending space for 21 years and when you hear the degree of due diligence, customer care and sound advice she provides, you will have a renewed appreciation for just how hard Mortgage Brokers work for their clients.

Tracy was able to answer some pretty curly questions thrown at her during this interview, many of which you might want answered yourself.

If you want to borrow money to buy your first home, upgrade your current home, refinance or purchase an investment property this hour of power and knowledge from Tracy on the new rules at play when applying for a loan will be time well spent.

If you would like the opportunity to discuss your borrowing options in more depth you can call Tracy on 0417 738 469.

Watch the webinar now:

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