In her article this month we asked BERNADETTE JANSON, Director of The School of Renovating to share her tips and tricks on how to renovate a small bathroom area so at least to the eye – it appears larger than it is. 

So your  bathroom is the size of a postage stamp and you are clean out of options for extending. Time to engage in some stealth tactics for making that cosy porcelain bolt hole look and feel like a ballroom.

  1. Get everything up off the floor. Instead of installing the traditional toilet suite and vanity, go for the wall hung variety so that the joint between the walls and the floor is visible. This will expose the full expanse of the floor, making the room seem bigger.

2. A freestanding bath with clean lines will also look less bulky and give a few more centimetres back to the room. (Every bit counts!)

3. Consider an in-wall toilet cistern. The cistern is designed to fit neatly between the studs in a 90mm wall cavity and reduces the depth that the pan extends into the room by approximately 200mm.

4. Install wall mounted shaving cabinets to keep clutter to a minimum. They are the ideal storage solution for a small bathroom as they have epic capacity but are less than 200mm deep.

5. If you have the storage covered then you may consider doing away with the vanity altogether to reduce the bulk. Go for a wall hung basin instead. There are some striking designs available including some with integral side shelves. Remember that a wall hung basin also means the plumbing is visual so you need a prettier bottle trap than the usual garden variety PVC.

6. If you are struggling to fit both a bath and shower, consider enclosing them both behind a wall to wall frameless screen to form a wet room. It will not only optimise the space but it will look stunning as well.

7. Make sure your shower screen is frameless to reduce visual clutter and your mirrors are big to bounce light around the room.

8. Last but not least, get as much natural light as you can into the room via windows or skylight. Add to that some LED strip lighting under the cabinet, behind the mirror, in the niches, or under the vanity. Washing the room with light will add visual centimetres to the room.

If a bathroom reno is on your to-do list and you would like to learn to manage a bathroom renovation that is on trend, on time and on budget we have you covered.  We have  recorded a string of tips and tricks in our podcast series “14 Days To A Beautiful New Bathroom”. You can check it out here.

Bernadette Janson is a serial renovator and the founder of the School Of Renovating. She is also a renovation mentor, published author and host of the popular podcast She Renovates. Safe to say she lives and breathes renovating! 


She successfully harnessed her passion for creating beautiful homes to replace her nursing income .  It has enabled her stay at home to raise her children, fund family holidays and weddings, give her young adult children a start in their property journey and fund her retirement.


Bernadette helps passionate renovators and property lovers to profit from their passion and replace their income either now or on retirement.

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Home Renovation 8 Renovation Tricks That Will Help to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger